In the sight of everyone

The most notorious story of recent years.

Mariusz, dubbed “Polish Fritzl” by the media, imprisoned his wife in the basement for two years. When the case came to light, it turned out that the prosecutor’s office disbelieved the abused woman – and her daughter – on three separate occasions.

Katarzyna Włodkowska, the author of the critically acclaimed Dom zły [The House of Evil], spent several years working on a book in which she seeks to answer the key question – did the family and the neighbors know?

In the sight of everyone is a well-documented book, as it draws on evidence, accounts, interviews with prosecutors and police officers, and accounts of psychologists and those closest to the perpetrator. It is a story of how evil is born, an attempt to get to the sources of the apathy of institutions which failed to respond and a portrait of the local community in a small village in Kashubia, Northern Poland. Włodkowska also shows how trauma affects lives, and undertakes a reconstruction of the turning points of the criminal investigation launched after the publication of her story. An investigation in which the psychology of smell and memory proved decisive.

Premiere: 28.09.2022.